Werner Jauk, ao. Univ.-Prof. i.R. priv.- Doz, Dr. KFUG;

Director of Ars Electronica Research Institute "auditory culture"

He did his Phd in psychology (musical cybernetics, information theory and aesthetics), postdoctorial studies at KUG-Graz and IRCAM-Paris and his habilitation in musicology (pop / music & media / art) always focusing on auditory perception and its mediatisations as cultural processes of the formation of music and media cultures. His interdisciplinary scientific research has been published in scientific monographs, journals and congress papers; projects between science and art are part of media art festivals. Finally, this interdisciplinary work led to the establishment of the study focus "pop music and media culture" in the inter-university MA programme "Musicology" at KUG and KFUG and to the establishment of a transmedial research institute "auditory culture" at Ars Electronica.

Barbara Haspl, BA,

Assistant to the Director / Organisation

She did her BA in Musicology, with a focus on ethnomusicology, and does currently MA studies in Musicology at KUG and KFU-Graz as well as a diploma study in Law at the KFU-Graz.

As part of her musicological education she also played in the Gamelan Orchestra at the KUG and participated in performances at international festivals.

She has completed internships mainly in the field of event organisation and event management at the film music festival "Hollywood in Vienna", the festival for early music "Styriarte" and several times at the Ars Electronica Festival. She has also worked in the field of scientific knowledge management and finally on a "movement project" at the KUG. She combines this latter experience with her interest in body & motion and her music-related education and brings both into the "making music" performance work.

Barbara Haspl works in the organisational and performative area of AERI auditory culture.

Elisa Visca

Assistant to the Director / Audio-design & Programming

She does MultiMediaArt studies at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences currently, focusing on audio. From an early age, she had the opportunity to study music and to play piano, which became her primary modes of communication.

Music, technology and emotions are fascinating topics to her. She likes to explore different forms of thoughts, research new solutions and innovations while observing as much as possible, from bigger pictures to details.

In addition to her studies, she works project-related at FS1 Freies Fernsehen Salzburg, where she can develop her skills in video making, video editing, live recordings, organizations for productions and workshops.

All in all she is interested in multimedia projects, installations as well as performances, in which the human being "bodily" interacts with virtual environments and creates new emotionally common worlds.

Elisa Visca,specialized in field recordings, works within the AERI auditory culture on audio-design of installative settings, their programming but especially their physical realization.

Gregor Kerbl, MA,

cooperation partners

Markus Wintersberger, FH-Dozent,

Stellvertretender Studiengangsleiter Digital Design (MA)

Department Medien und Digitale Technologien

FH-St. Pölten

Laura Sophie Meyer, BA  (DE)

Media-Artist working on generative literature

Laura Sophie Meyer, BA studied Visual Communication at „University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover“. In 2017, she was awarded for a DAAD scholarship for her semester abroad at the “National Institute of Design” in India. With the focus on interactive design, she started implementing text-based projects with existing literature as a raw material, realized multi-media and in a graphical context.

In early 2018 she went to Paris, where she learned to code. One year later, she began her bachelor's project about generative literature, in which she questions how to process text poetically. In 2020 she won the „Annual Multimedia Award“ as a Digital Talent in the section Installation / event.

Currently, she is studying at the „Kunstuniversität Linz“ Time-based media in the master class.

Cooperation within the Wittgenstein Project 2022 in Belgrade and the Ars Electronica Festival 2022

Ver-Hand-lung versus? Ver-Hand-eln

scrabble & scribble - medial forms of creating worlds

Plan(et) B: Forward back - cultures of corpo-reality after those of in-sight and under-standing